Phuket is most well known as a great destination for its beach life.  Spanning nearly the entire left side of the island you will find beach pretty much anywhere you look.  The most popular would be Patong beach it is certainly the most developed of the beaches resembling a mini Bangkok.  Surrounding Patong you will find Karon & Kata beach which are also developed but not quite as busy as Patong.

The Beaches

Pretty much all the beaches on the islands you will find amazing fine white sand that extends well into the ocean.   You will always be able to find someone to rent chairs and umbrellas from (they do sell out in high season so go early if you really want one).  Expect to pay around 200 baht for two chairs and an umbrella all day.  Just an umbrella will set you back about 100 baht.  Be careful from 11- 2 pm the sun in incredibly strong and you will burn way quicker than you think.

If adventure is more your style you will find parasailing for around 1500baht, banana boating for 700.  Jet Skis are also available for around 1200-1500 baht per hour.


There is every kind of accommodation imaginable in Phuket, guest houses, villas, hostels, hotels, air BNB and more.  You can find something to suit anyone’s tastes.  For $30-$50 Canadian you can find a decent guesthouse with basic amenities or if you an unlimited budget there is also a club med that can run you over $1000 a night.  Accommodations are of course going to cost more the closer to the beach you go and they will always be more than in Bangkok.

Taxi’s/ Tuk Tuks/ Grab

The Tuk Tuks in Phuket resembles nothing like the tuk-tuks in Bangkok.  They are tricked out mini trucks with custom interiors, lights, crazy sound systems, some even have TV’s so you can watch the music videos.  They have a tuk-tuk mafia in Phuket thus the prices are outrageous compared to the rest of the country, again more than double if not more for a similar journey.  They are really cool to ride in at night and I would definitely recommend a drive just not a long one or your daily budget might be spent in 30 mins.

Taxis are also quite expensive but slightly more reasonable than the Tuk Tuks.  A ride from Kamala beach to Kata or Karon beach will run you about 500 baht (that is a 35 min drive).  I would recommend you download the app Grab (like Uber) for the area to find out approx. what a fair rate is for a cab.  You can also hire cars through the app.  Please note you need a Thai sim in order to set this up.

Tuk Tuk Bangkok

Motorcycles/ Scooters

You can easily rent a scooter or motorcycle anywhere on or near any of the beaches, you won’t have any issues finding a place to rent from.  Expect to pay around 200 baht+ per day (don’t forget to barter) near the more popular beaches.   They may take your passport as collateral.  I would HIGHLY recommend you do not leave it if at all possible, tell them you need it and offer credit cards or something else if possible.  You will find many places on the side of the road selling gas in empty alcohol bottles for 30-40 baht each.

I would really recommend you only rent a scooter if you have experience driving something similar. Phuket is very hilly with unexpected downpours and narrow streets not to mention, the drivers are crazy, all this together is a recipe for disaster.  We saw countless people completely banged up with road rash from falling off a bike.  If you do rent one please be careful and drive slowly (But not too slow or that can be equally as dangerous).

Phuket is Expensive

Phuket is known as the most expensive province in Thailand, it is technically a large island and is comprised of mostly tourist which means you pay the price.  Street food will cost you generally 3-4 times more than the cost in Bangkok (Ex.  Pad Thai 30 Baht in Bangkok, 100+ Baht in Phuket.) and hotels are generally 20-30% more than in Bangkok.  Budget Accordingly


Surfing season begins in late April and runs until about November you can easily find board rentals, and surf lessons during these periods. You may also find surf board rentals outside of peak season but the waves are very close to shore and not very large.

Oher Things To Do

The beaches are of course the main attraction of visiting Phuket take a look at this post to figure out which beach you should stay at.  Phuket does, however, have more to offer other than white sand and water.  Shopping in Thailand is never in short supply you can pick up some great deals.  The spas and massages are also insanely cheap compared to most places in the world.  A 1-hour Thai massage will set you back 300baht, a 1 hour facial around 400baht, there is also a plethora of fish spas which cost about 100 baht for 15-20mins.

Have you been to Phuket?  Do you have any advice?  What was your favourite thing to do? Let us know in the comments below!

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