Top Things to do in Pai, Thailand

Pai Canyon

If you only do one thing on your trip to Pai this should be it.  The Pai Canyon is really something special, mountain views, deep canyons with narrow walkways along the top.  The best time to visit is sunrise or sunset but it is quite busy around sunset.  Bring shoes or sandals that stay on well as you will need to climb a little and walk on narrow areas.  If you want to sit and enjoy the view you may also want to bring something to sit on or wear clothes that you are okay getting dirty.  The sand is reddish colored and may stain light clothing.

Rent a Scooter/ Bike

If you like bicycling Pai is a great place to bike because it is safe to do so,  but it is quite hilly so be prepared for a difficult ride.  If bikes are not your thing or you want to travel further you might want to rent a scooter.  Pai is a great place to get your feet wet with scooters as the roads are fairly wide and it is not too busy (with the exception of right downtown).  Very few of the things to do in Pai are walking distance from town.

The Land Split

The Land split is on the way to the Pom Bok waterfall.  It is exactly what is sounds like a split in the land.  A farmer woke up one morning to his field completely split down the middle which of course rendered it useless.  He decided to turn it into a tourist attraction.  When you arrive he will greet you with a cold drink of Roselle Juice, and invite you to wander his property.  The land split is neat, nothing too spectacular but it does look somewhat like something you would see in Jurassic Park.  Once you are done your exploring you come back and enjoy another glass of Roselle juice along with many different types of foods and fruits he lets you sample (all made/ grown on the property).  You leave what you feel your time at the land split was worth and you are on your way.  The owner is so friendly and he is what makes this so special.

Pam Bok & Mor Paemg Waterfalls

Both waterfalls are quite sad during the dry season so if you are pressed for time skip them if you are here in the Spring.  Pam Bok was nothing more than a trickle of water while Mor Paemg does have some spots/pools to get wet and cool off while we were here.  When the river is high Mor Paemg waterfall would be a great place to spend the day.  It does, however, get quite busy so go early to find a spot there are places you can slide down the rock at Mor Paemg.

The Pai River

Tubing or Bamboo Rafting down the river is a must do if the river is high enough.  Float lazily down the river on either an inner tube, blow up float or a bamboo raft.  Most tour companies in Pai with rent you the tube and pick you up down the river for a few hundred baht.

Hot Springs

There are two main hot springs around Pai, Pai Hot Springs, and the Sai Ngam Hot Spring.  Pai hot spring is closest to town, is crazy busy and cost 300 baht to get in.  While they are the are the most popular Sai Ngam Hot spring is much nicer if you are up for the drive, costing only 20baht to get in, they are less crowded and a much nicer experience. You will see them advertised around town as the “secret hot spring”.  If you are going to choose one the Sai Ngam Hot Spring is our top choice hands down.

White Buddha/ Buddha on the Hill

Take the approx 400 steps up to the top for some nice views of Pai.  It gets quite busy at sunset but is worth the trip up at any point.  Bring some water because it is hot, and it is a lot of steps! There is no alcohol allowed here as it is a spiritual site for the locals.


Yua Lai viewpoint

The Yua Lai viewpoint is onto of the Santichon Chinese Village. The best time to come is sunrise, the cost to enter 20baht per person. It is quite beautiful you have the village of Pai on one side and the Mountains on the other.  The road up is very steep, our (crappy) scooter couldn’t do the last hill and we had to walk it.

Get a massage at PTTM

Thai massages are everywhere you go but PTTM (Pai Traditional Thai Massage) is worth visiting.  They were by far the most professional and knowledgeable of the Massage places we visited in all of Thailand.  You can specify your problem areas and they will work on them.  We liked them so much we visited almost every day we were in Pai.   You should drop by in advance of when you want a message or send them an e-mail.  They generally do not have availability for walk-ins  E-mail: Phone: 083-577-0498

Have you done anything in this post?  Which do you think would be your favourite to do?  Do you want to visit Pai? Let us know in the comments below.

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