Top 5 Things to do on Koh Phi Phi Don at Night

If you are staying in Tonsai village you either came to party hard or couldn’t afford to stay anywhere else on the island.  The nightlife in Tonsai and Koh Phi Phi is world class, providing you with great memories or blackouts (Drinks are sold by the bucket!). Either way, I hope you came to the party because of the island parties hard until 4 am with or without you (aka good luck sleeping).

1-Watch a fire show on the beach

Phi Phi has some epic fire shows, but Slinky bar (Loh Dalam Bay), by far had the best show hands down (you will see almost all the beach bars have them going).  The spin, eat, throw, balance all for tips on the beach.  Arrive at sunset if you want a good seat and have a few drinks.  Or show up late and stand in the back.  The shows usually last for an hour or two.

2-Watch a fight or two or more at the Reggae Bar

This place is one of those places you can end up spending 5 hours at and not realize it.  The reggae bar is a bar with a boxing ring in the center of it.  You must buy a drink before entering but once inside you can choose and seat and watch foreigners beat the crap out of each other.  Anyone can participate (man or women) if you do, you will get a free bucket of booze, a medal, and a sore body the next day.  The fight is 3 rounds 1 minute each with a 2-minute break in between.  If there aren’t two tourists to fight each other you can fight a Thai person or they will fight each other

3- Check out the beach bars on Loh Dalam Bay

There are a number of bars on the beach off Loh Dalam Bay, basically, it is one giant rave all night.  They all have cheap drinks and bumping beats. You will see people dancing the night away, swimming, body painting, skipping, drinking, and more.  Partake yourself or just people watch.  The party goes strong until 4 am.  The most popular of the bars are Slinky, Sunflower, Stones, Ibiza, and Carlitos.

4- Take trip to Ibiza

Ibiza pool party that is.  Ibiza has a huge pool with ocean views and loads of drinks.  It pumps club music all day, you can find hundreds of party people in the pool and the surrounding deck until closing at 10 pm. It reminds me of a crazy Vegas pool party.  Just make sure you are okay with wading waist deep in what I would guess is 60% urine.

5- Phi Phi paint bar

If you are feeling more mellow you can check out the Phi Phi paint bar, similar to a paint nite you can have some drinks and get creative. It is 1000 baht to paint with beer and popcorn.  They have music going in the background and offer help if you need it.  You’ll get to take home a great souvenir.

Other things to you could do (But we don’t necessarily recommend):

Drink a Magic Mushroom Shake: If you are into hallucinogens, you can head on over to the shipwreck bar and order a mushroom shake. Please note many people told us they can be quite strong- drink accordingly.   It is also worth noting while mushroom shakes and other drugs are widely available on the island, drugs are VERY illegal in all of Thailand, many charges carrying the death penalty.

Get a Bamboo Tattoo: You will find many people getting bamboo tattoos throughout the island at night.  Likely due to the fact that bamboo tattoos in Phi Phi are about a half to a quarter of the price of in Canada.  There is no lack of amazing artistic talent on the island, but be sure to really look at the cleanliness level of the tattoo place you choose because they are not held to the same safety standards as in Western countries. You should also know bamboo tattoos take much longer (hours) and from what I understand hurt more than needle tattoos.

Have you been to Phi Phi?  What was your favourite thing to do at night?  Let us know in the comments below!

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