Things to do and places to eat for 5€ or less in Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece is not known to be the most affordable of places to visit. So naturally, when visiting the second largest city in Greece you would think you need to have a big budget.   I am here to tell you that you are wrong and that there are lots to do in Thessaloniki for under 5€!  This is a guide to Thessaloniki on the cheap.

Places to eat

You can find a surprising amount to eat for under 3€ in Thessaloniki mostly Gyro of Souvlaki Sandwiches with the odd burger thrown in.  You will, however, find greatly varying degree’s of quality at this price point.  Our two top choices are below. You can always find a shop selling bread or pastries for 1€- 3€ or pick up a simple salad for 5€ or less.

Express Gyro (On Adigonidon st. off Episkopou Amvrosiou) They serve mostly gyros and souvlaki.  The wonderful thing about this place is they make the gyro meats by hand which means it is super fresh and very moist. A Gyro goes for 3€.  The menu is in Greek but the staff speak perfect English and are happy to help.

Aaikov (On Politechniou st. off Egiptou) This place has great souvlaki and also pancetta (Rib meat without the bone).  Go for dinner or a late night snack as they open in the evening/ night. A sandwich will set you back 2.50€-5€, most salads go for 4€.

Things to see and do

Tourist Bus Tour

Thessaloniki on the go/cultural route is much like the hop on hop off bus tours in every city except this one cost 2€ instead of the usual 10€+++.  It is operated on a regular city bus with an English speaking guide to tell you about all the places you drive by.  The bus leaves every hour, on the hour from 8 am to 9 pm near the white tower bus stop (across the road away from old town on the water side of the road).  It parks right in front of the red hop on/ off.  The round trip takes about an hour but you can get on or off as much as you would like- just keep in mind you have an hour before the next bus arrives.  If you get off at the top (stop 11), it makes for a nice walk back down through the city (see the view from stop 11 below).  They also give you a great free map of the city, bus route, and suggested walking tours.  It is the one of the left in the picture below.


Walk around old town and Ladadika district

Free of course to walk around, there are some neat restaurants, cafes, shops, and street art to see here.  We got some great shots and saw some interesting people and things along the way (Fans on pedestrian walkways?).  After Ladadika head down the pier and relax by the sea.

White Tower & Statue of Alexander the Great

They are both free to walk around and look at.  The White tower does have an exhibit inside and a lookout at the top that shouldn’t be missed.  Tickets are 4€ from November to the end of March or 8€ in high season (Sorry it is a little over in high season).  If you are a student or senior bring your ID for free or reduced entry.  If you have a lot of time in Thessaloniki or really like museums get the combined ticket which allows you entry into the Archaeological Museum, White Tower, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Galerian Complex-Arched Hall and Archaeological Site and Museum of Roman Agora all for 15€.

Free (ish) Boat Tour of the Harbour

Close to the white tower, you will find 3 boats that offer free harbor tours.  They leave every 30 minutes (taking turns) in the evening and at night.  Hop on the next departing boat (They all have schedules out front) for the free 30-minute harbor ride.  The only catch is you need to buy a drink or food while on board, with a 3€ minimum. A bottle of beer will set you back 5€ and wine 6€.  They also have coffee and other soft drinks if you would prefer that.


Through Old Town there is no shortage of shopping, it is clear as you walk about Greeks like clothes and possibly shoes even more.  Take a stroll through the old town and snag yourself deal under 5€, we did actually find quite a few stores with a good selection for under 5€ (mostly tops and accessories).  Be sure to check out Bezesteni Covered Market and Modiano Market to barter yourself a great deal.


Playhouse is a board game café.  You may have visited one before this one is no different other than the games are in Greek.  This is an issue for some games but the staff is happy to explain games to you or just chat and give you some recommendations.  There is no cost to play games, just buy a drink.  The beer was 4€ and wine 5€, they also give you some snacks for free while you play.  Don’t worry you can buy one drink and stay a few hours- they don’t mind.

Have a coffee and people watch

The best places to do this are in one of the many cities squares Navariou and Aristotelous are our favourite.  A coffee will run you anywhere from 1€ to 5€ depending on how fancy you like it.  You can stay as long as you like without getting rushed out as it is the Greek way.

Which would you like to do?  Do you travel on the cheap? Have you been to Thessaloniki? Let us know in the comments below!


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