Electronics Packing List for Traveling

If you are like pretty much everyone else in the world today electronics play an integrated role in our day to day lives.  But what do you bring when you are traveling and have limited space?  I see so many travelers with way too many electronics while on the road.  You want to take enough to be comfortable, ideally take items that perform double duty. If you are wondering what an electronics packing list looks like and what you should be bringing on your next trip, then this post is for you!


Unlocked smartphone loaded with music and eBooks 

The single most handy all in one tool.  Really all you need theses days is your smartphone and nothing else. It can function as your GPS, camera, entertainment unit, notepad, music source, book, internet, boredom saver, and so much more. Buy local SIM cards as you travel and vola! you have all of the above plus a Phone.



Bring comfy headphones, ones you are comfortable wearing for hours.  I just love my Sony Bluetooth and Noise Canceling Headphones over the ear headphones for shorter trips but for longer journeys  I can’t justify the space they take up and opt for the in-ear kind (keep in mind I almost always travel carry-on only).   These are the ones I currently use Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones because they are pretty cheap and decently comfortable.


Tablet OR Small Lap Top

You don’t need both… Seriously you don’t. Tablets are great for most things unless you will be working on the road then you really do need a laptop.  Try to get small lightweight ones 11 inch is the sweet spot I find.  I find 11 inches to be the sweet spot of laptops I use Dell Latitude E7250 or if you love Apple products try the Apple MacBook Air .  For a tablet pretty much any kind will do, Amazon sells their Amazon Fire Tablet for $49US if you are on a budget. If you want to spend a little more you can opt for the popular Apple iPad Air .




If you aren’t into photography you may be able to get away with just using your smartphone.  If you are like us, and wouldn’t go anywhere without your DSLR then this next bit if for you.  I recently traded in my DSLR to the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 it is seriously amazing! The picture quality is superb, and it is mirrorless sensor means it weighs nothing compared to DSLR’s and is generally around half the size. I can’t say enough amazing things about this camera, I love it!


Chris, on the other hand, can’t live without his Sony a7S II , he opts to bring fewer clothes to fit his camera and lenses in. This is another amazing camera that is full frame, meaning you can capture a lot more in those pictures.


electronics packing list


I think we all know how important chargers are, bring them for all your gear or else you’ll be buying new ones on the road… Seriously don’t forget these guys. We forgot our camera charger once and ended spending a fortune for new ones on the road.

Spare Batteries

Bringing spare batteries for your electronics is nearly always a worthwhile investment. There is nothing worse than running out of batteries mid-day.  In my opinion, spare batteries are a must but if you don’t spend a lot of time with electronics don’t worry about this one. I always buy mine from Amazon or eBay since they seem to be cheapest here.

Voltage Converter and/or Adapter

All these electronics you will be bringing need some juice at night, make sure to check to see if you need a Voltage Converter or just an Adapter , countries have different voltages. Check all your electronic devices for their voltage. These days most of them have a range that will work in most places of the world so you likely won’t need a Voltage Converter, but make sure you check. When looking for an Adapter I like to pick ones with USB ports as well so I can charge multiple items at once.


Do you have any electronics you can’t leave home without? What is on your electronics packing list?Did I miss anything on this list? Leave a comment below.

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