How to make it through a long haul flight


This is my single most important tip, drinking lots of water is key on a long flight. I usually bring an empty water bottle through security fill it up at the fountain and bring it on board, when it gets empty I ask the flight attendants to fill it up.  If you don’t have a water bottle to fill up I would recommend saying yes every time they come by with water, this will ensure you are getting enough water into your body.  Staying hydrated means less severe jet lag, a smaller chance of getting sick, plus you will look better. 

Bring snacks

I cannot tell you how many times snacks have saved me.  Airplane food is not known for being the best but sometimes it is inedible so having snacks can save you.  I have also been in situations where they did not get re-stocked so they were out of food or had a very minimal selection.  On my last 5-hour flight all they had left was cup of soup by the time they got to my seat, oh and they cost $5.  That flight was also delayed by 4 hours and all the airport stores had closed- I don’t think I’ve ever been so hangry (Yes- Angry and Hungry).

My favourite snacks to bring are dried fruits and granola bars because they pack so well.  If you bring snacks like this just be aware you will likely have to consume them before landing in the next country as fruits and nuts are often no allowed.

Order a special meal

If your flight has a meal included be sure to order a special meal, if you do you will end up getting your food way before everyone else.  I think this is especially important if you have a seat at the back of plane because often you get stuck with whatever is left.  They have a ton of options to meet nearly any dietary restriction or desire.   Just remember you will need to reserve your special meal a week or two before take off.  


You can’t always count on there being an in-flight entertainment system these days so make sure you’ve got some stuff to occupy yourself. Whether it be a tablet, books, music, or a pen and pencil bring what you like to do because being bored for 8 + hours is never fun. We always load our phone up with a few movies and stick it in a ziplock bag then hang it from the tray table clasp for hands-free viewing.  Don’t forget to bring your headphones or I hope you like silent movies.

Refresher products

I like to bring a toothbrush and some face wipes to stay fresh. Ladies I also always recommend you throw in a panty liner or two.  Changing one of these babies out mid travel can make you feel human again.  Some people also swear by facial mist but I can’t bring myself to pay ridiculous amounts of money for spray water.  


I think comfort is important on long flights. I think it is usually worth bringing 1 or 2 items to make you more comfortable.  Personally, I usually bring a blow-up pillow, and some comfy warm socks because my shoes are the first thing off.  I also always bring a scarf on board with me because I am always cold.  I also use the scarf as a lumbar support when my back starts hurting.   Bring whatever will make the flight more enjoyable to you.  

What do you do make long haul flights better? What is your all time best comfort item?  Let me know in the comments below.

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