What is in my First Aid/ Medicine Kit for Travel

Having a first aid kit on hand while traveling can make your life a lot easier when you aren’t feeling 100%.  This is a complete list of what is in my First Aid/ Medicine Kit for when we travel.  You can use it as a guide for packing your own kit for traveling.

Band -Aids/ Plasters– various sizes about 20, it is easy to buy more on the road

Second Skin/ Blister Band- Aids -about 20 in various sizes.  If you are spending a long time in Asia and get blisters, I would bring more because they are really hard to find.

Antiseptic wipesI usually bring a pack of 10

Polysporn/ antibiotic ointmentfor cuts and bruises because they are bound to happen

Eyedrops (Would omit if you don’t have dry eye problems)

Eardrops (Would omit if you don’t have ear problems)

Thermometer – Probably the single most important item to bring with you, if you have a fever go to the doctor.  All the major issues like Malaria, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis you will get a fever

Cortisone cream– Great for bug bites.  Tiger Balm will also work an is easily accessible

Anti-diarrhea pills– You will undoubtedly need some of these, keep a few on hand at all times.

Anti-nausea pills– If you get car sick you will definitely need some of these, I also use them when I can’t sleep (not the intended purpose- don’t abuse them).

Benadryl for allergies– just in case someone has an allergic reaction you want some on hand.

Ducolax/Anti-constipation- Haven’t been used yet (we mostly have the opposite problem) but nothing is worse than no pooping for days.

Muscle relaxants– we have gone through quite a few more of these than I would have expected

Painkillers/ Tylenol– good for headaches, fevers, anything you would use them for at home.

Pulsatilla 30ch– Natural cure for many things.

Anti-malaria– We have Malorone which we only intend to take if we show signs of Malaria. (Need a prescription from a Doctor)

Birth Control–  The type of your choosing, you don’t want any surprises on your trip.  Unless you are trying then Congrats!

Probiotics– Really helpful after you have had diarrhea and also just for daily use to keep your tummy happy.

Grapefruit seed extract– Great for killing bacteria and keeping your tummy happy.  Just add a few drops to your water.

B12 vitamins– I’m deficient… but traveling can be exhausting for everyone, these give you nice pick me up.

Emergen- C/ Vitamine C- An extra vitamin boost when you are feeling a little sick.  I swear by them!

Electrolyte packs– Very helpful if you have been sweating a lot or have had diarrhea or are puking.

Sunscreen– We have 30-50 SPF it is quite expensive in Asian countries as only the tourists use it

Bug spray– you can bring your own or buy it while away

Do you bring anything else?  Which do you think is the must haves?  Did I miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below!

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