My favourite travel gear

If you haven’t noticed traveling is one of my all time passions, having the right gear to make my adventures even more enjoyable- makes me even happier.  The following are the things that come on every trip with me regardless of the length or nature of the trip because they just make my life so much easier and/or save me money along the way.

Turkish towel

The single most versatile thing you will pack in your suitcase.  If you want to know why check out my other post here.  Just trust me on this one… if you don’t have one and you are a women… get one now.  Men I would still recommend you get one since the alternative sucks.  Just read the post then buy one here.

Collapsible container with lid

Another item I bring with me on most trips is a collapsible container with a lid. If you ever eat from a grocery store or save left overs, having a container with a hard lid will save the day.  This container can act as a bowl, plate (lid) cutting board (lids) and of course a container.  We use ours a lot to save money on food. 


To go along with that collapsible container you will also need some utensils.  I personally like sporks because they have all 3 utensils in one.  I also often bring a plastic knife with me to cut things like tomatoes or cheese since the knife on the spork works best if you just press your food into pieces. Grabbing some cold pasta salad type dishes from the grocery store makes for a cheap and easy lunch. 

Smartphone with offline map

So I don’t think I need to explain the smartphone part since I don’t think most people can live without theirs but the offline map component is equally important.  I would be completely screwed without offline gps maps.  I don’t use them so much for exploring because I like getting lost but they are very helpful for getting back to your hotel at the end of a long day. Having a gps map is key! Personally I like to use Google Maps because it is easy.  Instructions on how to do this are here.

Collapsible bag

Honestly, when do collapsible bags not come in handy? Firstly, they help save the planet of additional plastic bags but you can use them for pretty much everything; for shopping, at markets, groceries, if you have too many Souvenirs, or just for holding your sweater.  They are alway helpful to have on hand I have both a collapsible backpack and just regular bag, I usually bring both. 

Comfy shoes or sandals

 Aa big part of travelling usually involves a lot of walking which means comfy shoes are key.  There is nothing worse than always having sore feet with blisters.  Spend some time looking and trying different footwear options out.  Always try to break them in before your trip- not on it! 

Do you have something you wouldn’t leave home without? What’s on your list? Leave a comment below. 

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