Everyday Items to Bring on Your Next Trip

There are so many great everyday things you likely laying around your house that will server overtime while you are traveling.  They won’t cost you much if anything (hopefully you have them already) and will save you time and time again.  So here is my list of everyday items to bring on your next trip:

Ziploc Bags 

These things come in handy for everything. I usually throw in a few big and some smaller ones.  They work as dry bags, food storage, to keep dirty clothes separate, to organize, as a makeshift compression bags and so much more the possibilities are really endless. I personally prefer the slider variety but the original also works great.

Full-Size Deodorant/ Antiperspirant

While the smaller ones are great for maybe a week or two any trip that is longer bring a big full sized deodorant. You’ll thank me if you like a particular brand or if you are in places like Asia.  Although you can certainly find deodorant there, you will find most deodorant has whitening agents and in Europe spray is most popular.  You can also use deodorant as a blister helper by rubbing it on the parts of your feet or places that shoes/clothes rub. 

Zip Ties

These little guys have saved me time and time again. You can fix things, tie things together, they work as a lock by attaching your zippers together in transit or attach your bag to a fixed object.  Just make sure you either have a way to cut them open or you are going somewhere with a knife/scissors.  I bring them in a few different sizes, a few of each.


Carabiners are bother super handy tool for travel if you buy a few too many souvenirs you can move some of your gear to the outside of your bag.  I also use them as a safety feature to attach my wallet to my bag so it makes life harder for pickpockets.  You can also use them to attach your bag or purse to a table or chair making it harder for theirs to run off with you bag without taking the entire table. I have also used them to attach my Turkish travel towel and also my toiletries bag to what ever is available in the bathroom.

Duct Tape

Again one of these things that can preform multiple functions.  Take some duck tape and wrap it around a rolled up business card so you don’t take the entire roll.  You can fix clothes, your gear, your clothes, use it as a blister stopper, band aid… Anything you can think of really.

Collapsible Container with Lid

If you are like us you tend to buy a good amount of your food while traveling at super markets to save money on restaurants.  But when you only eat half your food what do you do with it? A collapsible container with a lid can store food, work as a bowl, plate, cutting board, cup etc. I bring this on any trip longer than a week, it always gets a ton of usage. I always bring the bowl from this set Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Prep/Storage Bowls with Lids – Set of 3

Packable Backpack

Packable bags take up virtually no space and always come in handy. I always bring the backpack version but a tote will work as well.  I like that it can zip up the bag helping with theft and also has two straps, making the load lighter.  Going to the beach? Perfect bag. Have some dirty clothes? Perfect bag. Shopping at the market? Perfect bag. Buy too many souvenirs? Perfect bag…. I think you get the picture. This bag also works amazingly as a day bag Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack, Black.


If you are a women do not leave home with at least 2 travel packs of tissues.  Most of the world does not have toilette paper as readily available in public washrooms as you might think- even Europe.  You can always buy more on the road but these babies will save you a few times over…


Have any more everyday things you always bring with you? Leave a comment below. Want some more travel packing tips? Check out my other blog posts.

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