Digital Dreams is an electronic music festival held yearly in Toronto, Canada during the Canada day long weekend (First weekend of July).  It is a weekend I look forward to on a yearly basis.  The music is great, there are always activities during the day and dancing is never in short supply.  I have attended the past 3 years and hope to continue attending in the future.  This post is meant to help you have the best experience possible at the festival.  You can check out our video from Digital Dreams 2016 below.

Rent a Locker

Probably the best thing we did for ourselves was to rent a locker for the duration of the festival.  It allowed us to store all our stuff in the locker when it wasn’t being used.  Because we rented a locker we were able to bring snacks (packaged & sealed), water (sealed), extra comfort items like a rain poncho, extra camera gear, and sunscreen/bug spray.  I think in the end we actually ended up saving some money because we didn’t have to buy water or much food while we were there.  There was also chargers in the lockers which allows you to charge for devices midday!


We always buy VIP tickets, for just a small amount more I definitely think the benefits outweigh the costs.  Every year the perks change but generally you will get.  A special entrance (no lines), in & out privileges, dedicated viewing platforms/areas (this year it was half the front of the main stage), dedicated bathrooms, water station, food and bar services, plus charging stations (but they have these in the lockers).  They often have bud light girls handing out samples of the newest bud drinks which can also help to offset the cost of the ticket if you like to drink.


Transportation is a little tricky with Digital Dreams, the festival is held at The Flats at Ontario Place.  Your options are public transit (TTC), Taxi/ Uber or driving.  If you live or have been to Toronto you should be well aware public transport sucks.  Getting to the flats is not very direct, you will need to take the subway, then a bus or street car, and then walk for about 10 mins.   Taking a taxi or Uber is great for getting dropped off as they can let you out right next to the entrance but hiring a taxi/uber back can be an adventure as they are often in short supply.  Driving is your 3rd option, there is lots of parking but you can expect to pay $20-$30 per day with a short 5-minute walk or less. Please if you are drinking or partaking in other recreational activities please do not choose this option.


Every year there seems to be more and more food vendors, there is a huge selection of different types of food from the more gourmet or ethnic to your standard hot dog.  The food is definitely overpriced and the lines can get insane.  I would definitely think about the type of food you get because there aren’t many places to sit and eat unless the ground is fine by you.  This makes non-finger foods really hard to eat.  The food options are wide enough you can likely find something with any dietary restriction.


There are free water stations throughout the festival grounds.  You should bring an empty water bottle from home since if you buy one in the festival grounds they often take the caps.  Stay hydrated! The festival weekend is usually very hot and it is easy to get sunstroke if you don’t stay hydrated.


I would HIGHLY recommend you wear comfortable closed toe shoes that can be washed or ones you don’t care about.  You will be standing, walking and dancing all day on concrete, this is not the time to bring your cute new strappy sandals.  Your body will hate you for it.  If you want to get anywhere near the stage people will be stepping on your toes, spilling drinks and god knows what else.  Be smart, bring some shoes and have a blast!

Have you been to Digital Dreams?  Do you have any other pro-tips?  Do you want to go?  Leave a comment below!

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