Here is my list of the cutest yet Comfortable Sandals

Finding travel sandals that are both comfortable and cute seems to be a never-ending battle for me and many others.    This post will go over some great options when it comes to cute but comfortable walking sandals.   If you travel a lot you know how much of a difference a good sandal can make at the end of a long site seeing day.  They just let you go that much further and see that much more. 

Firstly, some rules of thumb when choosing your next pair of walking travel sandals:

Ankle Straps

Make sure the sandals have an ankle strap or go high on your foot- flip flops don’t work here.  Don’t get me wrong I think you should always bring a pair of flip flips with you but not to walk in all day for the beach and nasty hotels/hostel showers.  An ankle strap means you don’t need to fight to keep your sandals on plus if you ever need to run you are good to go. 

Waterproof/ Water Resistant

When you are traveling and only have one pair of sandals with you, choosing ones that are at least water resistant is a wise decision.  You just never know what kinds of situations you may get yourself into or what Mother Nature may decide to throw at you.   Generally, the more waterproof the sandals the less cute and fashionable they become so you need to figure out where you want to land on this scale. I often settle for cuter not as waterproof shoes that I cover with water resistant spray.

Size & Weight

You should look for options that can compress down and do not take up too much valuable real estate in your bag, especially if you are doing carry on only.  Another thing to look out for is weight, you may not notice the weight of your sandals for short walks but if you are walking all day choosing a lighter option will make all that walking just a little easier.

Jambu Chatham Sandal

jambu travel sandal

I personally adore these sandals.  When you put them on you will feel like you are walking on a cloud.  They have some great tread at the bottom and offer a decent amount of support.  Personally, I would like them to have a higher arch support since I have a cavus foot (really high arched foot) but for most people, these will be just fine in the arch support department.  Overall notes, these tend to be a bit wide which again I love, but for any narrow footed people, these may not be a good choice for you.   These sandals have become my go to summer shoes for any amount of walking plus because they are black & grey they look good with pretty much anything. 

Teva Capri Sandal

Teva travel sandal

Teva is mostly well known for its adventure style sandals.  I found these Capri sandals on a blog post during my original mission to find cute walking sandals.  I actually ordered them in 1 size too small hoping they might fit and can’t find them anywhere in a size 12 (I have giant feet- thank you, mom).  One of the more fashionable choices, in my opinion, they were also one of the least comfortable regardless of the sizing.  They didn’t offer much support although it is better than your standard fashion sandals.  Because of their really low footbed, there just isn’t room for much in terms of support.  If you are really concerned about looking great and want some elements of comfort, I’d say these are a good choice.

Birkenstock Mayari Sandal

birkenstock travel sandal

I wear my Mayari sandals all summer when I am home and they often do come with me on my travels.  They offer amazing comfort and support once you have broken them in.  My only issue is that Birkenstocks are by no means water resistant and I think this should an important part of any travel sandals because you just don’t know.  If these get wet for any length of time the cork on the sandal will break down and you will be replacing them rather quickly.  For you orthotic wearers you can get yourself a pair of these sandals custom made for your feet. 

Naot Cymbal Sandalnaot travel sandal

I absolutely love these sandals for ultimate comfort, they offer great support and squish all at once. I think they are pretty cute except for the really thick sole.  These sandals are great for those of you who wear orthotics because these sandals offer a custom footbed option.  The main downfall to these sandals is that they are heavy which can sometimes make you drag your feet at the end of a long day. But in terms of comfort, I don’t think these can be beaten.

Naot Dorith

naot travel sandal

I got these sandals after loving my Cymbals so much but wanting a lower profile sole.  These sandals are quite comfortable but are definitely meant for a more narrow foot.  I was hoping I could stretch these out a bit as I wore them but no such luck so they sit in my closet.   These are definitely not waterproof but they will be fine getting wet once or twice as long as you dry them well.  They do pack down really small and don’t weigh much.  

Croc Sexi Flip

Croc Travel Sandal

Everyone knows Croc’s you either love them or hate them, hopefully, these, you will like. I would never recommend these as your walking sandals but I like them as your shower/beach sandals because they look a little more put together and are certainly more comfortable than your standard flip flops.  I find they also have a slightly dressier vibe then flip flops which are great for a night out.  This weight virtually nothing and have the same great food bed of most other Croc’s (got to love that mini massaging feature).


Chacos travel sandals

Chaco’s has some better-looking adventurer type travel sandals although I don’t think they meet the cute criteria.  These are completely waterproof and will stay on your feet all day but you will 100% look like a tourist wearing these shoes.  

What are you favorite comfortable but cute travel sandals? Did I miss any?  Which do you think should be crown the best of the best?Leave me a comment below.

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