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Hacks for Traveling Europe- Save time & Money

  Hacks for Traveling Europe- Save Time & Money If you are like most people you are always looking for ways to maximize your time and money while traveling. This post is designed to help you do exactly that by providing you with hacks for saving time and money while traveling Europe. Buy Tickets to Attractions in Advance Most attractions and historical sites sell tickets online these days. Always check to see if there is a website for the place you want to visit, look specifically to see if you can buy tickets in advance. This will save you...

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Carry-on Only Packing Guide (Women)

Here is my Guide to the Basics of Carry-on Packing for Women (1 bag) With most airlines now charging for checked bags, carry-on only travel is becoming more popular when traveling on a budget. If the savings are not incentive enough going carry-on only, 1 bag makes life on the road much easier by not having lug around a huge amount of luggage or to not have to wait in line at the airport. Trust me once you do it you will never look back. Taking the plunge into carry-on only can be a scary journey here is a...

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How I Afford to Travel

How I Afford to Travel and How You Can Too! I get asked all the time how I afford to travel as much as I do.  It is a combination of doing things to keep the costs down but most importantly I make travel my top priority and my lifestyle is built around travel.  Here are the top reasons I can travel as much as I do and how you can follow suit. Make Travel a Top Priority This is the most important piece of advice I can give you and how we afford to travel.  If you make...

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The Ultimate Electronics Packing List

 Electronics Packing List for Traveling If you are like pretty much everyone else in the world today electronics play an integrated role in our day to day lives.  But what do you bring when you are traveling and have limited space?  I see so many travelers with way too many electronics while on the road.  You want to take enough to be comfortable, ideally take items that perform double duty. If you are wondering what an electronics packing list looks like and what you should be bringing on your next trip, then this post is for you! Unlocked smartphone loaded...

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Biggest Mistakes I Made in South America

The biggest mistakes I made in South America and how to avoid them South America was an amazing trip for me. I went solo for part of it, and with a tour group for the rest.  I traveled throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. For the most part, I had an amazing time in South America but I definitely learned a few things and make some mistakes. Here are a few of mistakes I made while in South America, so hopefully you can learn from them. Eating Raw Veggies at a Questionable Restaurant I was told many times to not...

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