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The Best Comfortable AND Cute Sandals for Travel

Here is my list of the cutest yet Comfortable Sandals Finding travel sandals that are both comfortable and cute seems to be a never-ending battle for me and many others.    This post will go over some great options when it comes to cute but comfortable walking sandals.   If you travel a lot you know how much of a difference a good sandal can make at the end of a long site seeing day.  They just let you go that much further and see that much more.  Firstly, some rules of thumb when choosing your next pair of walking travel...

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Checking off my Bucket List: Skydiving by Myself

Checking off my Bucket List: Skydiving by Myself Skydiving has long been on my bucket list. Being a huge lover of extreme sports the second the opportunity presented itself I knew I was on board.  This is the story of how I went solo skydiving for the first time! During my time living in Poitiers, France one of my friends decided to organize a weekend at Le Blanc Parachutisme, a private skydiving club in France.   You can check it out here for more information.  Our weekend started out with a 2-hour drive to Le Blanc then followed with a...

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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Top Ways to Save Money on Travel Travelling can be expensive but with a few helpful tips & tricks, you will be well on your way to saving up for your next big adventure.  I personally use each and every one of these tips to keep my travel costs to a minimum so I can enjoy more days on the road. So here they are my top 10 tips and tricks to save money on your next trip and every one after that! Save money on travel! Must have Browser Plugins Ebates (also has an app) Honestly, do yourself a favor...

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Top Ways to Save Money on Cruises

Top Ways to Cruise Cheap Cruising has quickly become one of the most popular ways to vacation by people all over the world.  What is not to love?  Great food, lots of drinks, fun activities, and a different place every day!  Cruises can, however, become incredibly expensive if you don’t follow some very simple tips while cruising. Here are some ways to keep your cruise cheap.  Pack light- Carry On Only Packing light is the name of the game in my opinion.  You don’t need to worry about lost or stolen luggage, you won’t have to wait in long...

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Top 5 things to do in Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the most multicultural and largest city in Canada.  There is so much to do on land and water, as it sits on the edge of amazing Lake Ontario.  There is so much to do in Toronto but these are some my top things to do in Toronto, Ontario whether you are visiting or live here full time. Here are some great things to do in Toronto! Get Lunch in the CN Tower 360 Restaurant Instead of paying to go up the CN tower like every other tourist, opt to have lunch in the CN towers 360 restaurants....

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