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10 Things We Won’t Miss About Asia

10 Things We Won’t Miss About Asia Lack of Sidewalks Sidewalks are one of those things you don’t ever think you will miss, but when people drive like they constantly have road rage and you have to walk anywhere, man do you miss them. Squat Toilets the first time you use a squat toilet it is an experience, to say the least. I slipped in, couldn’t figure out how to flush, and peed on myself a little but hey, I did it… kinda.  Growing up in a Western country I don’t think I will ever quite master the art...

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Advice for people new to travelling

Advice for people new to traveling Have no expectations Having expectations leads to disappointment.  I cannot tell you how true this is.  Start your travels with an open mind.  Things will not go as planned, things may not operate the same as at home and things will not always be as expected but that is part of the fun of travel to just enjoy. Have backup bank cards This is a huge mistake that many rookies travelers make, they bring only one bank card and one credit card.  Except what happens if your card is compromised, stops working, or...

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Best Companies to Cruise down the Mekong (Houy Xai/Chaing Khong to Luang Prabang)

Best Companies to Cruise down the Mekong (Houy Xai to Luang Prabang) Taking a luxury cruise down the Mekong is a wonderful way to travel from Thailand into Laos.  It offers two great days of relaxation, beautiful scenery and likely comradery with fellow passengers.  It is 2 days that people often hold as their best days while traveling in South East Asia.  This post will outline the various options for the luxury slow boat cruising. Check out my other post here for more general information about Cruising the Mekong. Click on the name of the Cruise to go to...

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Essential Travel Apps

Essential Travel Apps Since smartphones became a thing apps have been making travel easier as you can do virtually everything from your phone.  This a list of the apps we use on a regular basis while traveling. The list might seem a bit long GPS/Maps Offline Google maps Offline Google maps is my go to in countries where you can download the maps offline (some countries do not support this feature).  I love google maps because it has GPS as well as turn by turn directions in most cases. It also allows me to type in any destinations as...

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Money in Lao

Money in Lao The basics The currency in Lao is Kip the denominations are in thousands which can get a bit confusing.  Most places display prices without the last three zeros ex. 20K vs 20,000.  Prices are low for pretty much everything and you can barter lower at most tourist shops or markets. About 6K Kip will get you $1CDN. How to get Kip The best way to get money in Lao is to take it out of the ATM, you will get the best rates, you can take out what you need and can be sure you are...

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