An Afternoon with Phuket Thai Cooking Academy

On one of our days in Phuket on Kata beach, we decided to take a cooking class and learn how to make some of the delicious food we have been eating in Thailand.  The great thing about this particular cooking school is that they allow each person to pick their own dishes to make, versus many of the other schools that have a set menu. The course included a hotel pick up and drop off.  It was 1900 baht (~$76 CAD) per person, we got picked up at 1:15 pm and arrived back at our hotel just after 7 pm.

The experience started with a tour of a local market with the head chef/ instructor Nok.  She picked up a few last minute items, showed us what various things were and, gave us many samples along the way.  I am so glad we got to do this and understand what some of the stuff we had been seeing was.  It was a very interesting experience to see a real local market in action.

Once we were done at the market we headed to the cooking school where we were each making 5 different dishes.  The facilities were great on a beautiful covered deck up on a hill.  The view was amazing.  Oh,and did I mention it was just us, we ended up with a private class!

The classes started out by us making coconut milk to use in our dishes, it was not at all what I thought it was.  Approx 1.5kg of freshly ground coconut, ~4 cups water, and elbow grease.  That is it!

First up after the coconut milk was our soup and rice/noodle dishes.  Chris and Elaine both made Pad Thai while I made pineapple fried rice, my go to meal here in Thailand.  We also all made various soups.  Nok(the instructor) was hilarious and helpful with our lack of Thai cooking skills.  She gawked at how much chili powder Chris put in his Pad Thai (he had been complaining the entire trip that one would make his food spicy enough, he kept getting tourist spicy). He put so much in the Pad Thai that we all ended up coughing and our noses were all burning from the chili steam.  We then ate our yummy dishes (Which Chris proceeded to add even more chili powder to because wasn’t hot enough for him).

After our bellies were full it was on to round two where we each made a dessert and two more dishes one curry and one side dish. The outcome was WAY too much delicious food! As you can see Elaine went into an early coma!  Best dish of the day… Surprisingly the banana’s in coconut milk I think was the all around winner.

If you have any extra day in Phuket and want to learn something about Thai cooking I would highly recommend checking out Phuket Thai Cooking Academy.  You will find them here:  We also got copies of all the recipes we made and Nok gave us recommendations for substitutions as some of the ingredients you won’t find in Canada.

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