8 Things to bring on your next cruise

Cruising is a great way to explore new destinations and travel in a vacation setting.  While they are always full of delicious food and fun activities it can be difficult to know what to bring with.  Below are 8 of the top things you should bring on your next cruise to make it more enjoyable.

Different colour highlighters

Bringing a different colour highlighter for each person in your room will make things much easier when trying to figure out which activities you would like to partake in the following day.  Colour coding lets you easily see who wants to what and when.  There are so many activities going on all the time, this allows for easy visual organization and tracking down other people in your group!

A pen

You never know when you will need a pen, taking a new friends information, filling out a comment card, signing for a purchase.  All of which require a pen, it is easy to stow on your lanyard, in a pocket or in a small wristlet.   If you forget yours at home you can always find a branded one on the ship- just ask guest services or your room steward, they should be able to hook you up.  

A deck of cards

This is of course a personal choice but if you like to play cards it is a great way to kill some time in between activities or while you are waiting for your food.  Cards are always a great way to kill some time.  We always have a few people ask us if we bought our cards on the ship so definitely something worth bringing.  If you forget them you can usually buy them on board for a crazy price or wait until you hit your first port. 

A lanyard, small clutch or clothes with pockets

Your key card is everything while on a cruise; you need it to get drinks, book restaurants, to get into your room and to buy stuff.  Really you need it on you at all times.  The easiest way to do this is to either bring a lanyard to attach it to (most cruise ships have a hole punch you can use), even better if you have one of those name tag holders for the end so you can also put the folded schedule & pen in there as well.  For a more stylish option, carry a small clutch/ wristlet, this is what I do because none of my clothes have pockets and I like having everything with me.  Inside I always keep my card, the schedule, a pen, lip chap and a deck of cards.   

Over the door shoe organizer

Places to store smaller items in staterooms is generally at a minimum. So bringing along a shoe organizer for over you bathroom door can make it easy to find what you are looking for.  You can use it for shoes, clothes, games, toiletries or really whatever else you can think of. 

A magnetic white board

This one is especially helpful if you are with other people so they can leave you notes and easily find your room.  It can also be helpful to find your own room the first few days or after a late night out.  Most cruise ships have metal stateroom doors so you can easily attach anything magnetic to either side.

A water bottle

I am always amazed at how many people spend 5 dollars a piece on bottled water while at sea.  Bring your own bottle to refill, I like to have mine in my stateroom or for days I am in port.  You can usually fill up in the buffet (although there are usually signs asking you not to) or ask a bartender to do it (sometimes they will fill up a glass and make you pour it).  Either way be sure to stay hydrated!

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What else do you always bring on cruises with you?  Did I miss anything?  Leave it in the comments below!

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