10 Things We Miss About Asia

Street Food

Being able to buy delicious and cheap street food everywhere you go is certainly something we’ll miss. Not only is some of the best food you will find in Asia street food but you can often fill up for under $3 CDN.

Fruit Shakes

Fresh fruit shakes are found in abundance throughout Asia and usually for under $1.50 CDN. They are super refreshing in the heat and taste delicious.   They are done slightly differently from country to country but always have at least the fruit of your choosing and ice.  Coconut and Mango are our favourites.

Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is one of those things you don’t seem to find much of in Western countries and I have no idea why, it is amazing. A staple in Asian diets it can be found just about everywhere, just don’t eat too much at once, because as Chris says “Sticky Rice today, sticky poo tomorrow.”



The prices in Asia are generally cheaper than that of Western Countries for pretty much everything. You will find some exceptions to this rule but the basics, food and shelter are definitely a fraction of Canadian prices.


Cheap massages are everywhere in asia. Most of them are not oil massages like you get at home.  They are Thai style which means you keep your clothes on and they push on various pressure points in the body while also stretching you.  They are hit and miss in terms of how good they are but usually cost under 15 CDN for 1 hour.  Well worth the money.


There are markets all over the world but there is reliably at least 2 markets in every Asian town you visit.  Night markets, street markets, permeant, pop-up with food, clothes, souvenirs and more.  Anything you want, you can likely find it at a market in Asia.   Don’t forget to barter!

Bum Guns

I never thought I would say this but man do we miss having those lovely sprayers for your undercarriage. It keeps you so clean and so fresh all-day long.  Plus you don’t need as much toilet paper- just to dry!

Random Animals

The random animals were something that shocked me the first few days in Asia but I grew to adore seeing chickens, ducks, cows, goats, dogs, cats, monkeys and anything else you can think of all roam freely. On the downside, you always had to look out for land mines, on the plus you always had fresh meat!


Seeing monks wonder around is something I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing.   The orange outfits you can see from seemingly miles away, it is especially neat when you see them doing everyday things liking playing on their phones and hitting up 7-Eleven.


This one is specific to Thailand but there is something so comforting about having 7-11 around.  In Thailand 7-Eleven is everywhere, like you would see coffee shops in Canada.  They have everything you need as a traveler at rock bottom prices and amazing A/C.  It is the one things I get weirdly excited about every time I am in Thailand.

Have you been to Asia?  What do you miss about Asia?  Is there anything I omitted from the list?  Let us know in the comments below!


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